My Dapper Dog

Finally, is here!!! You've been waiting for it, haven't you?


Jaspy Eats Snow
Mr. Dapper Dog
1992? - 2006

Sadly, I knew this was coming. My Mr. Dapper Dog himself, Jasper, died
on Monday, October 23, 2006,
after a long (14+ years) and happy life.
No dog was ever loved more or ever loved his person more.
Click here for a few photos from the life of
my sweet little snow-eating goofball dog, Jasper.

Jaspy, we miss you!

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Stuff I've been making lately...


BookArtz Yahoo Group Eiffel Tower Deco Round Robin Project



inside front cover my pages
Front Cover
Inside Front Cover Sign In Page
My spread - room to reflect on my first Deco RR.
Left Side of My Spread
Right Side Open
Right Side Flat
Sandi R's Deco - My left page
My right page opened up to 3D (pull left tag)
Pull the right side tag to close it flat
Brigitte's Cover
Brigitte's Card partially open
Brigittes Card completely open
Brigitte's Cover of Accordian Book
Card opened partially
Card opened completely
Card in Brigitte's Book
Brigitte's new inside back cover
Brigitte's Inside Back Cover with Card in the pocket
Outside of card
The pocket without the card in it
With card tucked into inside back pocket

The Eiffel Tower die is from Some-Assembly_Required and was cut with some difficulty with my Sizzix..



This is my third set of ATCs... Mommy Loves Jaspy

They were done for a swap prior to Art Unraveled 2006.

















































Updated February 5, 2007.

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