Sunday, September 30, 2007

One More Crush Confession!

Okay, the month isn't over and I feel the need to confess more crushes. I have a life-long HUGE crush on the state of Colorado, which is all at once a place, a state of mind, and a way of living. Here's a photo of my favorite place on earth that really just says it all. Don't get it? OK, so imagine it with snow everywhere and blinding sunshine. If you still don't get this, I feel sorry for you in a mean, gleeful, oh-goody-more-for-me kind of way! It's no secret to Coloradans that Copper is the place to ski.

I will always have a HUGE crush on my late dog, Jasper. Jas, Jaspy, Jasper the Snow Dog, Jassy (as Nana called him), or MISTER Jaspy. He was a wonderful, goofy guy who made me fall in love with him and therefore with all Goldens. He may have been half Cocker Spaniel, but his personality was all Golden. And when he was groomed, people always thought he was a show dog. Little did they know or suspect that his job was actually inspecting all the neighborhood garbage (at night) and keeping the elk out of our yard. He loved roaming the mountain-top where we lived, and ignoring my increasingly more frenzied-sounding worried voice until I got the Jeep out to go find him. He loved Jeep rides and would come running because he didn't want to miss out. Despite that, he was the best dog on earth ever. It's been nearly a year since he crossed the rainbow bridge and he's still missed.

I have a crush on Dell computers! I love my Dells, all three of them. Recent work experiences with other computers has just reinforced all the excellent experiences I've had with Dell. As long as you don't count the way-too-helpful people at their Indian call centers with their geez-you-must-be-a-moron-because-this-is-so simple-for-me-to-fix-for-you attitudes in their voices. The guys on my Dell sales team in Austin are fabulous.

I have a crush on Pennsylvania, where I was born. There is no better place to be in the third week of October each year when the leaves are at their peak. Yes, I love Colorado, but come off it. Green and Gold does NOT constitute fall color! The photo in that link could have been shot from the window of the hospital where I was born.

OK, I think I've revealed enough of my crushes for now! More later on what I think. Don't you just love that when you write a blog you get to talk about anything you want and say what you think?


Blogger michelle ward said...

marilyn - thanks for another crush post. ooooh, colorado! i haven't been there in years. i've been in summer and winter...but mostly for skiing. snowmass was our place....but have been to several others. i miss that kind of skiing!

Sunday, September 30, 2007 10:43:00 AM MST  
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