Friday, October 5, 2007

It's October Already!

I must confess that this has always been one of my favorite months. In August, I long for snow. Really. I long for just a tiny bit of the fluffy white stuff. In September, I anticipate it coming. I watch for it when the temps drop below 40. (OK, so I don't do it here in AZ where I happen to live now, but I've always done it in the past where it was a possibility!) But in October, in climates where it is actually possible for it to snow, I anticipate the beautiful white stuff making an appearance. Yes, this is another crush confession. I have a crush on


While I'm making late crush confessions, I'll add another. I have a crush on Bernina sewing machines, especially the top of the line ones. Sewing has changed so much in recent years that top of the line sewing machines have split into two types, embroidery and quilting. I prefer the quilting machines as they seem much more useful to me than a machine that will stitch endless lines of little duckies in fifteen colors. Therefore, this is a confession about my passion for the Bernina Aurora 435 Anniversary Edition sewing machine. It's a beauty and I'm determined to own one.

I've been sewing since I was a little girl, so when I get it, I'll know how to use it!

Because of my renewed interest in sewing and my desire to play with fabric and do more stitching, I've decided that decos have to go. I can't do it all and while they are fun to look at, I enjoy that more than I do working in them and then I positively dread having to take them to the post office! So it's much better to just look at photos of them online and use my time for something I really want to do.

OK, that feels good to get that off my mind.

I think I'd better get on over to Michelle's GPP Street Team blog and see what the October crusade is all about!


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