Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quick Chunky Book Page Recipe

I'm hosting a Recipe Book Chunky Book over on BookArtz. Pages were due the other day so I'm trying to round up the other half of the pages that have not come in. I thought I'd share my recipe for a quick page in case any of the stragglers (of which I am usually one!) are reading.

Chunky Book Page Recipe


  • Some sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbooking cardstock that you like, you'll get 4 pages per sheet
  • A couple of foodie magazines with recipes and food pix you can cut up
  • Blank paper that will go through your printer in a color to coordinate with the scrapbooking cardstock
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or yarn (optional)


  1. Cut a 4” strip off one edge of the 12 x 12 sheets, then cut a 4” block off that strip, and slice the rest of the page into three 4” x 8” strips to make one 4 x 4 (save for another project) and four 4” x 8” strips. Fold them in half to make 4 x 4 pages with an instant pocket. Just glue the bottom shut and there you have it half done!
  2. Cut food pictures out of a cooking magazine like Cooking with Paula Deen or Every Day with Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Living has tons. You can tear them out and add ink from an ink pad around the torn edge if you want to add a step. Coordinate the ink pad to the scrapbooking and plain paper you're using, especially if you are using white paper because you don't have colored paper.
  3. Paste the pix on the front of the page. Maybe some text too. You could rubber stamp "Yum" or something foodie on it if you want. (Cut edges are to the binding or left side, fold on the right or you'll have to glue the side edge together too.)
  4. Type your name and contact info into your word processing program or notepad and use Windows' cut and paste feature to repeat it as many times as you need. Print out the page and cut those apart to paste on the back of your page.
  5. Choose a recipe , type it out and reproduce it. (Alternatively, you can just cut the recipes out of the magazines too and paste them on a tag you make by cutting paper or using bought tags. ) Fold it and put it in the pocket with some fibers hanging off either it or the page.

Voila! You can do each of those steps in just a few minutes or a few sessions of a few minutes each. I'm not saying that there is no excuse for not getting your pages done. I'm just saying that you can break the process down and make it less overwhelming for yourself.

And maybe the joy of creation will help alleviate some stress in your life. I hope so, my lovelies!

Sometimes, we alleviate our stress through the choices we make. Sometimes we just have to kill people to stop them piling more stress on us. The first way is much more legal, cheaper, and less trouble in the long run since you don't have to hire a lawyer and go through all that court-ordered psychological testing, etc. ;-))


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