Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things to Be Grateful For...

It is the time of year to be reflective, to think about the incredible bounty of our lives. I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and the things I have for which to be grateful.
  • My sweetie, aka the Sports Fan, and our happy home
  • My family and that my mom is still around at age 94!
  • Health that could be better but could be worse!
  • Our two Golden boys, Cody and Chance

  • My fellow Diva Girls: I know they would help me bury a body if I needed that help!
  • That Jeepy has held up for ten years - I love my car!
  • My many friends all over the world, whether I see or communicate with them every day or not, and their love, support, and continuing friendship
  • The online communities to which I belong and the friendships I've found there
  • Of course, my lovely readers!
  • That I have so much that allows me to enjoy my life without having to struggle just to survive!
I'm sure that there is more for which I should be grateful, but they just didn't jump into my head as I was typing here.

Here is a photo of one of two pages I did for a Thanksgiving chunky that really got me into this frame of mind, as we all probably should be for this, my favorite holiday. I had scanned the other page but don't have the scans handy to post now. I'll get them up here in a later post. This one is a watercolor journal page. Each page was hand-colored with Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons, painted, and hand-written with Poster Paint pens.
This quote is what I put on the back. It is simple but so true.

Gratitude consists of
being more aware of
what you have
than what you
- Unknown

For what are you grateful, my lovelies?

Here's a shot of the beautiful autumn trees in North Park, the big park next to the neighborhood where I grew up. I love this park and every trip home must include many drives through the park where I went ice skating, swimming, picnicking, parking (aka necking or smooching with my high school boyfriend!), riding my horse, or just enjoying the beauty of nature.


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Love that picture of two sleeping dogs!!! &rew

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