Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pocket Divas

Finally, two projects in a row done on time and sent out in time. I feel quite virtuous and empowered by having actually accomplished something in the timeframe intended for it without having to rush! I did have to rush on the last one because I'd confused the due dates for the Poetry Birds (see last post) with that for the Trimmed Tags (no photo because they never paused near a camera long enough to be photographed!).

This makes three projects in a row where I've just been able to truly enjoy the creative process and the production process. These are two different and distinct pleasures for me. What they have in common is the problem-solving process, of course. I like the feeling of having figured out what sort of design fulfills the thematic needs of the project as well as feeding my own need to be creative, feel creative as I'm doing it, do something unique, and hopefully come up with a design that also pleases others. Then once the design is done, I have the very satisfying pleasure of figuring out how to produce it, often in multiples! A couple of years ago, I took advantage of a slightly unpleasant situation in one of my online art groups on Yahoo to disengage from a large group and put most of my efforts into a smaller group of people with whom I am mostly very familiar. I'm happy with that decision and very happy with this group, though I hope having said that doesn't jinx it somehow. Making the opportunity to actually use some of the STUFF I've bought or otherwise acquired for my artistic stash opens up another pleasure. And of course, rooting through everything just to find what I want is again fun.

I really prefer ATCs that are sturdy cards. Therefore, I always use a thin book board for my base. Whenever I have scraps from book projects, I cut up the extra into 2.5" x 3.5" rectangles to keep handy for ATC projects. I rarely sign up for these far in advance, so they're nearly always done on a whim. Such small pieces of art, when not taken seriously, really open up my creativity. I don't have a lot invested, so I don't care if I fail or succeed. It's easy to take a chance and try something out.

I love my Xyrons and have an embarrassing number of them, one of which lives in my portable art case, and another that I don't use unless it is the only one with any stickum left in it. I cut all of the papers to size, then Xyron any that need it, do the stamping or whatever, and try to make sure that nothing dimensional gets in the way of stamping, drawing, or using my wooden brayer to make sure everything is adhered. The brayer is one of those tools without which I can't work! It makes sure that everything is in perfect contact. Another secret to making ATCs is to cut everything just a tiny bit larger and then trim it to size when it's assembled so that you have perfect edges.

On this set, I cut everything the right size and then trimmed the card, leaving the pocket slightly wider. This allowed a slight gap so that the tags would slide right in. The pockets were stamped, then hand embellished with a pen.

I love tags. It's just so darn easy to spray or paint them with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists or other sprays. I hang them on my improvised clotheline over my work table to dry. I can hit them all with the heat gun if I'm impatient that day. I'll dig through my drawers of stamps to find a few that strike my fancy and might end up using only one of ten or five of five. I never know.

The last thing I really love is this pinky red velvet ribbon I bought at a paper arts store. I only have a few yards left and will have to go find more or fall in love with another ribbon! Or is it having made something I really like a LOT?

OK, I lied. The last thing about it that I love is getting a project in the mail On Time!!!


Blogger Gillian McMurray said...

I had a backlog of due swaps that I had to work on too. I've just finished catching up this morning so I know what you mean about enjoying them being put in the mail on time. Love your Pocket Divas too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:40:00 AM MST  

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