Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breaking News! Blog in Death Throes!

OK, I do have to acknowledge that maybe my blog is dying. I seem to post once a month.

I really just have been doing mundane things or things that I haven't taken photos of, just getting on with life. I miss my drawing class now that it's over. Only three of us showed up at the last session. We started out with about a dozen people, had about eight there consistently through the sessions, then just three of us at the end. Why do people spend $300 for classes and then not show up? Bizarre! If only I could hang out and take their place when that happens! They're offering some free classes in December, on Fridays I think. I can't find the email about it and I'm not sure I'm free any of the Fridays anyway.

The current big project is the TreasureArtTrends Yahoo group's 2009 Holiday Recipe Book. I'm binding the pages right now and it's turning out to be a really sweet book. I'll show photos in my next post. And it won't be a month from now, I hope!


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