Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art & Soul Trades, Part Two

These heart pins were what I started out to blog about before Blogger became such a pig. It's bad enough that they've changed the way photos work so that you can't even move them around anymore. Now if you backspace in the wrong place, you can lose all of your photos which means you may as well start over or JUST NOT BLOG AT ALL! At a time when Facebook is just taking over people's lives, you'd think they would make it easier to blog!


The heart pins are for the girls from my Yahoo art group, TreasureArtTrends, named after the shop owned by two of the gals who are coming to Art & Soul, Keri and Cathy. Gina and Kathy are coming too and it is just TOO exciting!
Here are close-ups of the two bottle cap charms I made. I have about a dozen of the Dia de los Muertos caps and around twenty of the Las Vegas sign caps.

I'd made these in the past and just had the idea of touching up the Glossy Accents then adding the microbeads. They seemed to need something, you know? Like the Las Vegas sign ones just needed that tiny dot of sparkle at the top of the Las Vegas sign that the icicle colored Stickles provided. I love Stickles more even than the other Tim Holtz products and I pretty much love them all. OK, his masks are too large scale for my projects. They'd work better on tote bags and shirts but I never seem to have enough space on my work table cleared off to do those!By the way, I got a great hole punch at the bead store that works fabulously well for punching holes in bottle caps so you can add the jump ring. I wish I had time to sit and solder all of the jump rings closed. Ha! I wish I had the soldering skills to do that neatly!

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Blogger La Petite Maison Blanche said...

I LOVE the A&S Vegas sign bottle caps! Be sure to look me up!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:57:00 PM MST  

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